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Condemned by the Nation.

College Rules:-


The academic session of the college is from June to May with two terms i.e. (i) June to December, & (ii) January to May.


Admission into +2 and +3 first year classes of the college are conducted by SAMS (Students Academic Management System) of the School and mass education dept & Higher Education dept, Odisha respectively. Generally, after the publication of the result of HSC and CHSE, Odisha, interested candidates have to apply for admission only through on-line mode.


As per Govt. Letter NO.3176 Dt. 27.09.2005, uniform dress code has been implemented for students of all classes from 21.12.2005. For +3: Pant:- Pink colour & Shirt: - Pink Maroon Stripe"

For +2: Pant:- White colour & Shirt: - Pink Maroon Stripe"


Before a student is admitted into the college, the applicant and her parent/legal guardian have to submit an undertaking jointly in the proforma to the effect that she will abide by the rules of the institution.


Every student must mention her name, address and phone number in the common application form (CAF) for future correspondence. Any subsequent change of address after admission must be intimated to the college office in writing immediately.

vi) LEAVE:

Any student who wish to obtain leave of absence from the college must apply for that leave before she actually absent herself . In case of special circumstances, the applicant must send the application by post or by special messenger.


a) Students should take their seats before the teacher enters the class room and should not leave the class during the lecture.

b) Students should not make any noise inside the class rooms, laboratory or in the college verandah while classes are being held. Students found disturbing the classes in any manner shall be liable for disciplinary action,

c) Students must maintain silence near the Staff common Room, Principal's office and college office. They are prohibited from entering the Staff Common Room and Principals office without permission.

d) Students should stand in a queue while depositing their fees/applications/ documents at the specified counter and should not enter the college office.

e) Tampering /damaging the electricals or other installations of the College shall be viewed as a serious offence and fine amounting double the present cost of such article shall be imposed.

f) Scribbling or pasting placards I posters I other papers or otherwise disfiguring college walls, blackboards, furniture etc, are strictly prohibited.

g) Spitting on the walls, floors, pillars and doors of the college and smoking, taking narcotics inside the college campus are treated as offence.

h) Cycles should be padlocked and kept in the cycle shed, parking place for cycles and vehicles in the college corridors is strictly forbidden.

i) When a team of college students goes out of town, it must be accompanied by staff and must obtain written permission from the Principal. In case of a hostel boarder, prior permission from the principal on recommendation of the hostel Superintendent should be obtained.

j) Students must not hold any function inside the college campus without the permission of the Principal. No private club or society can be formed in the college. Students, even if they privately subscribe to different ideologies affiliations, cannot associate the college with same in any manner.

k) No outsider should be invited to deliver lectures in the college premises without the prior permission of the Principal. All invitations for such lectures should be made by the Principal.

l) Students should not resort any act of violence by way of protest against any difficulty faced by them. Such difficulties or grievances should be first brought to the notice of the Principal for remedy.

m) Misbehavior by student during games I sports or during any other function shall be seriously dealt with. Disobedience or misbehavior by a student with any member of staff of the college at any time will make her liable for expulsion from the college.

n) Students found eve-teasing/involved in any type of ragging will be expelled from the college.

o) CLC I TC will be issued within three days from the date of application along with clearance certificate from hostel/accounts section/library/practical depts concern etc. as acquired.


The College has introduced proctorial system for developing intimate relationship between students and teachers and for timely guidance and advice in academic and other matters. The Proctor acts as a philosopher, friend, guide and guardian to the students and hence the students are expected to meet their proctors at least once a week to expose their difficulties and progress. The proctor if necessary may check the study habits of the students at their home and also contact the guardians. The proctor may advice to the student regarding studies, social and cultural activities and how to behave and conduct herself inside the college .


Every student will be provided with an identity card duly signed by the principal of the college. The students must possess the card during the college hours, examinations and in all college functions. The college is not responsible for any misuse of it. On satisfactory explanation of the loss or damage of the same, a duplicate identity card may be issued on payment of Rs10.00.


1) A student seeking admission to the hostel has to apply online during the application for admission into the college in case of first year classes and in the proper form duly filled in and signed by her parent or natural guardian in case of others to the principal of the college.

2) Every legal guardian and boarder are required to submit three specimen signatures to the superintendent of the hostel on the date of admission of their wards.

3) The boarders are under the direct control of the Principal, who is Ex-Officio warden not only during college hours but also beyond the college hours.

4) For leave or absence from the hostel, a written permission should be obtained 24 hours in advance from the hostel superintendent . Permission will not be granted unless a written request is made by the parent or the guardian.

5) The boarders can go home on their own risk, with authentic permission letter of their parents. Local guardians are permitted to escort their wards duly submitting the application.

6) In case a boarder overstays, she has to produce satisfactory written explanation from her parent or guardian, so as to be considered by the superintendent, failing which she may be punished to the discretion of the principal.

7) In order to leave the hostel permanently

(i) A boarder has to submit her written application to the Superintendent duly signed by the parent/legal guardian.

(ii) Obtain previous permission of the superintendent.

(iii) Pay all outstanding dues of the hostel.

8) The hostel remains closed during Puja and Summer vacation or as directed by the principal. Boarders have to submit the applications of the guardians at least 4 days before such holidays begin.

9) The following practices are forbidden in the hostel.

a) The introduction of any unauthorized person into hostel.

b) Bringing such reading materials which are not in the approved list of the government.

c) Singing or playing instruments during study hours.

d) Organizing meetings without the approval superintend

10) Boarding is regulated by the following rules:

a) Boarders should take her meal during the appointed hour in the dining space only.

b) Boarders should take care of the furniture supplied to them, so as not to cause any damage.

c) Only the parents, local guardian and person whose name is recommended in the admission forms by the parent are entitled to visit the boarder during the visiting hours.

d) Parents staying outside the state are permitted to visit their ward on any day at any time from 8.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M.

e) Other authorized persons as above can meet the boarders from 9.00 A.M. to 12.30 P.M on Sunday only.

f) Boarders can not meet their relatives during college hours. In exceptional cases with proper justification, guardians can meet their ward with the permission of the principal or the superintendent.

g) The hours fixed for study are from 7 A.M. to 6 P.M., 6.30 P.M. to 9.30 P.M. and 10 P.M. to 11 P.M.

h) Boarders should in all cases obtain the permission of the principal, through the Superintendent before joining or taking part in any association outside the college.

i) The Superintendent will be responsible for the maintenance of order and discipline and has power to punish boarder for the breach of discipline. All cases of gross misconduct should be reported to the Principal.

11) The following activities will be considered as breach of discipline:

a) Absence from the hostel without leave.

b) Continued negligence in study.

c) Want of cleanliness and tidiness in the room.

d) Disfiguring walls, doors or windows of the building.

e) Spitting on the rooms and verandahs, chewing or taking any narcotics /alcohol and throwing torn papers and leaves on the verandahs.

f) Holding of any special meeting in the hostel without prior permission of the Superintendent.

g) For misconduct of any other description, a student may be removed from the hostel on the report of the Superintendent.

h) In case communicable diseases ,the hostel authority may expel the student from the hostel if she refuses to be isolated.

i) The local guardian are generally allowed to take their ward on permission of the Superintendent once in a month.

j) Application should reach the Superintendent at least one day in advance .

k) All letters and communications are to be sent or receive through the Superintendent.

l) Boarders are not allowed to post their own letter. There will be roll call in the evening every day after the prayer.

m) On 5th day of every month ,hostel mess fees will be collected, failing which the defaulters will be fined.

n) Boarders are entitled to get refund of their meal charge when they are absent from the hostel on leave for more than three days continuously. They should inform the Superintendent in writing specifying the period of their absence. Refund of absence from taking meals will be adjusted to the accounts of each individual boarders. Cash refund is not allowed.


General Information:

The members of the Teaching Staff, Non teaching Staff, the students of the college and other persons specially permitted by the principal may use the library. Section - I (General):

1) The library opens during the college hours.

2) It remains closed on Sundays and authorized holidays.

3) Last period of every working day set apart for official work of the library.

4) The arrangement may be made to keep the library open during long vacation.

Section - II (Rules):

1) No books shall be taken out of the library without the knowledge of the librarian and until it has been properly entered in the issue register and the entry attested by the borrower.

2) Members of the teaching staff may borrow books during their classes for their immediate reference.

3) Each borrower should examine the books before they are issued. Incase any damage of issued books is discovered ,fine will be imposed on the borrower.

4) Books should be returned within the allotted time. When the date of return falls on an authorized holiday ,it should be returned to the library on the next working day.

5) All books must be returned to the library before long vacations. Borrowers must return the books whenever they receive a requisition notice.

6) In no circumstance the used books should be marked, the pages should are torn or disfigured.

7) The librarian should report the name of such borrower to the principal who mishandles the books.

8) The Principal has the right to stop the issue-of certain books or some intending borrowers.

9) A borrower against whom any overdues or other charges are outstanding shall not be allowed to borrow books from the library.

10) If any borrower keeps books in his/her possession beyond the time allowed, no books will be issued to him/her and he/ she is subject to be penalized RS.10/- per day. All are expected to observe silence in the Library.

11) The library should not be used for any other purpose other than reading or consulting books , journals or news daily.

12) Articles not connected with study books should not be brought into the library.

13) Spitting, smoking or sleeping inside library are strictly prohibited.

14) An unauthorized person who tries to force his/her way into library may be punished by the Principal.

15) Members of the teaching staff and ministerial staff may go beyond the library counter. Person who got special permission from the Principal may also work inside the library.

No. of books that can be issued is as follows:

a) Members of the teaching staff -10 each

b) Librarian -3 each

c) Ministerial and other staff -2 each

d) Students -1 each

16) A book once issued to a borrower may not be reissued . However the book can be reissued incase somebody wants to take it, but books reissued must be returned within one week.

17) Reference books, text books, current issues of the periodicals, Courses of studies shall not be issued to the students for use in home.

18) Any staff of the college may take books on signing on the issue register and the time allowed for return within two months.

19) Students may take the books on library cards and time allowed for them is 15 days.

20) a) Any book damaged or defaced must be replaced at the readers cost, if a book is one of a set or a series and the volume can not be obtained single the, whole set or series must be replaced at the readers cost.

b) In those cases where the price of the books is not mentioned or ascertained , he/she should pay as compensation an amount fixed by the Principal.

21) No person is allowed to bring personal books to the library.

22) No student is allowed to enter the library without the permission of the librarian.

23) A student should fill her library card properly.

24) A new card will be issued to a student on payment of Rs 10/-, in case the original is lost.

25) Text books may not be issued to students without library card.

26) Book Bank Rule:

i. The college book bank provides facilities to poor and meritorious students on payment of the cost of the books.

ii. The book bank is under the of librarian and under the over all charge of a member of teaching staff.

iii. The Officer-in-Charge •of the book bank shall invite application at the beginning of the academic session.

iv. The head of the departments shall make final selection of the students for issue of books on the basis of merit and poverty and also on the recommendation of the proctor.

v. There must be separate issue register for book bank.

vi. The borrower must return the books before publication.

vii. Books lost I damaged have to be replaced.

viii. The principal is the final authority in the matter of book bank.

ix. Students should apply for borrowing books in the proforma given below.


Name of the student:

Class/Year/Roll No. :

Annual income of the father / legal guardian:

Aggregate percentage of marks in last exam:

Name of the books applied for:

Signature of the student

(Attested copy of mark sheet and income certificate must be attached)